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By antsiness 2014.04.09 in Antsy sun

Zimbabwe is a country of big diversity

– also the city of Harare.

On Styled by Africa you can read about some of the Hotspots in my hometown,

travel tips regarding the African continent and also explore African style and culture.

Papa Petit - Nairobi Cool Picture borrowed from www.styledbyafrica.com

Papa Petit – Nairobi Cool
Picture borrowed from www.styledbyafrica.com




By antsiness 2014.04.09 in Antsy sun


Everybody starts laughing when I’m singing this song.

This is just one of the tunes roaming the streets every day.

I love it.



By antsiness 2014.04.09 in Antsy sun


This weekend me and some of my friends wanted to go and watch a premier league match at Rufaro stadium in Mbare.

Typically all the fixtures had been changed.

We ended up watching basketball, listening to live music and attending the Zimbabwe Dance Hall in Harare gardens.





A good 12 hour hang out I must say.



By antsiness 2014.04.08 in Antsy sun


Some streets and sights from my hometown Harare

– and for sure H A P P Y people !


7 months: T.H.E.H.A.R.D.P.A.R.T.

By antsiness 2014.03.13 in Antsy sun

After 7 months working as a volunteer in Harare, Zimbabwe.

So everyone told us the hard part comes after reaching 7-8 months of our placement. As I was ready to leave Norway in August I just thought to myself that that would be a challenge I would have to grab by the horns as it arrives.

Easier said than done.

We are now more adjusted to the culture, how things work – or not work

– things are not new in the same way as they were.

We’ve been living in local families with a new culture – a challenge and a lot of new people to answer to. Of course it is a priviledge to get to know and be a part of another family but you don’t really have any time for yourself  – and you’re still a visitor.

In my case I had to move out from my host family after Christmas – I didn’t feel safe. If you don’t feel safe you do what you have to do while in living in a foreign country. I’m getting a great deal of help from all of my new friends. I’ve been lucky and things are getting better. Our home organization is doing their best to make sure all of the participants gets a good and safe family environment – but of course there will be challenges along the way.

That’s just life.

So over half of our time in our placements are over. And you start to reflect on what you’ve done and what you will have time to do next. It’s strange thinking of the months already gone by and all you’ve learned. We now adjusted to how things are running and are playing a bigger part in the local teams we are working in. At the same time you can see the end of the stay is sneaking up on you and you feel that you don’t have enough time to proceed with projects you would like to take part in.

If I should reflect on my stay so far in a bigger picture my thoughts would be big and pink – a cliché.

As mentioned before all the new thoughts, ideas and experiences is not the same not being able to share it with your friends and family back home. On the other hand, having to deal with a lot of issues on your own makes you stronger and in better capasity of meeting new challenges that are coming your way. It also gives you a lot of new perspectives that both makes you grow up quickly but at the same time makes you want to stay young and make the most of the time you have.

One of my challenges have been that I have not been able to take part in the lives of those people I love the most both in their daily lives and in the challenges they’ve been facing while I’ve been away.

A wise woman said the western way of living makes you forget about the time you have, how you spend it and your relationships with other people.

I hope I can keep all of my new perspectives in my daily life as i get back home – as life is indeed brief and tender.

I don’t regret going to Africa, I’m still here.

And people who know me will not be suprised that I’ll cry when I leave,

but I’ll also cry when I get home.


It’s a good thing.




By antsiness 2014.02.15 in Antsy sun

Youth Sport Exchange Programme

Africa. Challenges. Friends. Culture. Fun.

You ever wanted to move to Africa for a period of time?

You ever wanted to do something but it just ended up as a good idea and nothing else?

Take a chance, go for adventure and get some great new friends at the same time.

Now your good idea can turn into reality, experiences and memories.

Today is the deadline for applications to Idrettens Fredskorps and

the Youth Sport Exchange Programme 2014/2015.

Do you have experience with sports, want to share your skills and to learn a lot about everything?

Apply for the program here.

If you want something you better work for it.




If I can – so can you.



By antsiness 2014.02.12 in Antsy sun


As volunteering for Idrettens Fredskorps you are also able to take the studies Sports, culture and development cooperation (Idrett, kultur og utviklingssamarbeid) at the Norwegian School of Sports Science

– and this include a week of studies in Cape Town, South Africa.

We had our week of studies at the University of Western Cape and touched a lot of different subjects including an introduction to the history of the country.

Mega Sports Events. Woman and Sports. Community Sports Projects.

Sport and Health related issues.

Final lunch on campus after finishing our exams.

Final lunch on campus after finishing our exams.

During a week with lectures we had exams, presentations and fun together

– this is from our final lunch at campus after our exams.

Our Norwegian course coordinator also arranged a Christmas Table for us in the middle of

Long Street, Cape Town.

Highly appreciated – Thank you !

No pictures available.








By antsiness 2014.02.11 in Uncategorized



By antsiness 2014.01.28 in Antsy sun

So getting back to Zim wasn’t all what I expected – not feeling safe.

At the moment I’m well taken care off and I’m getting help from all of my new friends.

I’m hopefully getting a new host family or other accomodation shortly and things are getting sorted out.


Tiny 1, Tiny 2 and Tic Tac.


And I guess: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.




By antsiness 2013.12.12 in Antsy sun



It always seems impossible until it’s done.

                                                                     – Nelson Mandela.