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After 10 days of general orientation in Lusaka, Zambia, the YSEP Volunteers were separated.
It was now time to depart.

We were five participants heading for Zimbabwe.

Bjørn. Marte. Amon. Sigve. Andrea.

Our national coordinator from the Sport and Recreation Commission had arranged for us to travel by bus to Harare.


“Ut på tur – aldri sur”


It is not hard to admit that every day is accompanied with a new first.
New experiences would be key words for the next ten months in our new homes.

Let’s put it like this. Travelling by bus in Norway and travelling by bus in african countries might differ just a tad.


Culture exchange.


Crossing the boarder from Zambia.

Crossing the border from Zambia.


Bumpy. Sweat. People. Noise. Tired. Dust. Luggage. Crowded.


Me and Sigve.


Finish line.



After getting our «white man luggage» (mountain backpacks) from the roof of our bus we checked in at The Bronte – a hotel – for the next days.

We rested for a bit but it was also time to start preparing for our new homes.

Ma boys.


We visited the Embassy of Norway and the Embassy of Tanzania to register and recieve information.

But also other things had to be sorted.

Mosquito nets. Helmets. Phone lines. Blankets. Pillows. Bikes. Internet. Bedding.

S.P.E.C.I.F.I.C. O.R.I.E.N.T.A.T.I.O.N.

As new Zimbabweans we needed our spesific orientation.

Luckily for us the National Youth Games of Zimbabwe were held from the 18th to 24th of august.
Just in time for us to join.

The SRC arranged the spesific orientation in a way that allowed us to experience the games at the same time that we got an introduction to the history of  Zimbabwe and also to our new workplaces.


Team Harare.


For us a useful way to get a uniqe input on the cultural aspect you can only experience and not be told.


Marte met up with us in Bulawayo.

After a week of attending The National Youth Games in Bulawayo it was time to go home.

This time we traveled in car with our provincial coordinators following the busses with athletes. No longer travelling as a YSEP volunteer group. All of us with different destinations.

Mutare. Bulawayo. Harare. Bindura. Tsholotsho.

An eight hour drive from Bulawayo to Harare to meet my host family.



Braeside. My neighborhood.

The gate opened and there was my zim mum and my big brother.


I carried my bags from the back of the car and into the house.

Or actually my coordinator did. Since women are not supposed to carry if there is a man that can do so.

We gathered around a table in the living room. Me, my mother and my coordinator.

Words were exchanged and information shared.

They showed me my room and then dinner was served.




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